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New merchandise raises awareness for self-harm

Clothing company Heads Above The Waves (HATW) aims to raise awareness about the growing problem of self-harm in young people. The brand champions a creative outlook on dealing with self-harm in order to give sufferers a sense of hope. With hospital admissions for self-harm on the rise, HATW sheds light on issue with a new line of merchandise. 

Managing director Si Martin stated “there needs to more authenticity and accessibility in the approach to dealing with self-harm, as one size doesn’t fit all”.  This outlook stresses the importance of providing alternative ways of reaching out to sufferers by moving away from the medical jargon surrounding self-harm.

The brand continues to expand and the new line forms part of the goal to get people talking, echoing their belief that self-harm is a reaction to deeper problems. 

Culture_HATW stall_1

The HATW team chatting to festivalgoers at Hevy Festival

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