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Medicinal themed juices at Beanfreaks

The GP is not the only doctor looking after Cardiff this winter. New raw juices with healing properties are set to conquer the cold

Beanfreaks’ St Mary Street store

The GP is not the only doctor looking after the Cardiff public this winter. Beanfreaks has launched a range of medicinal themed juices.

The health food store has created raw juices called The Doctor and the Flu Shot which are set to help fight illness during the cold months.

The innovatively named health drinks are Refuel, The Doctor, Flu Shot and Detox Warriors. Beanfreaks’ juice bar is based at their St Mary Street store where these flavours can be purchased.

The manager of Beanfreaks St Mary Street, Matthew Jones, claims the most popular flavours are Refuel, Flu Shot and The Doctor.

He said they will also be launching Christmas flavours.

“There is nothing else like our juices,” he added, “we use all natural and organic ingredients from in store.”

The Flu Shot contains garlic, ginger, lemon, reishi mushroom and manuka honey while The Doctor’s ingredients are wheatgrass, orange juice, ginger, lime and acidophilus.

Beanfreaks St Mary Street is their only shop with a juice bar which has been operating for three years.

Matthew explained that they have plans to alter and expand the juice bar.

Juicer Megan Preston has operated the juice bar for seven months using raw, store ingredients to prepare the juices

The independent chain also owns two other stores in Cardiff including the recently opened Albany Road and Cowbridge Road East.

The company sells products such as raw chocolate bars as well as health supplies for pets and babies.

Sarah, a 41-year-old creative director from Bristol, has been shopping at the store for more than 20 years.

She said the variety and availability of products is the reason she keeps visiting.

“I would recommend that people visit the store as it is difficult to find certain products and this [Beanfreaks] is the only shop I can get certain things in Cardiff,” she added.

The juices are available to order online and collect in store.

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