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Vegan pop-up specialises in junk food

photo of vegan junk food style American hot dog. Photo by Will Slater

A new vegan junk food pop up is making its way to Cardiff and it sounds delightful.

photo of vegan junk food style American hot dog. Photo by Will Slater

Vegan junk food style American hot dog. Photo credit: Will Skinner

Will Skinner has created a cruelty free, vegan junk food pop-up that is coming to Cardiff this November, at The Robin Hood pub, Pontcanna.

The 39-year-old, who is the founder of the pop-up company, Greazy Vegandecided to go forward with the idea because he had noticed that people were reluctant to become vegan as they said they would miss junk food too much.

“A lot of people feel they are reluctant to make the change because they feel they will miss out. I am quite an unhealthy vegan and I thought there would be a gap in the market,” Will says.

The types of food to be expected at the pop-up will be vegan style southern fried chicken, burgers and hot dogs.

Will explains that the chicken is made from seitan which is a wheat gluten.

Some food is prepared a few days before the event but Will makes clear that the bulk of his menu is truly “fast food.”

“Getting the Big Mac sauce took me months to get right,” Will says, as he explains that he is trying to replicate fast food such as the Big Mac and The Whopper.

He made vegan copies of fast food menus from his own taste, but was also told by friends that his creations tasted really good.

The 39-year-old says that he does not have plans to take his business nationally just yet.

“I want to focus on turning my business into a takeaway first,” he says.

All the profits from the first pop-up will be going to Cardiff Vegan Action group and each pop-up will go to different vegan related charities.

Marielle Wilkinson, who is not a vegan but is interested in becoming one says that she is “excited to try the vegan junk food.”

The first pop-up is to be held on the 12th of November and the second will be on the 19th November.

To get more information on the pop-up click here.

photo of vegan junk food style southern fried chicken

Vegan junk food style southern fried chicken. Photo credit: Will Skinner

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