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Good news for late night tea drinkers

Earl Grey in a cup poured out from the pot along with a picture of the timer

Waterloo Tea House’s branch in Lakeside will stay open from Thursday to Saturday till 10:30 in the night

Earl Grey in a cup poured out from the pot along with a picture of the timer

Tea served in Waterloo Teahouse

Waterloo Tea house opened its fourth branch in Lakeside with late night hours alongside the cakes on the menu. Although there are a lot of coffee houses in Cardiff, tea houses that stay open till late are not very common. Olivia, 32, who is an avid tea drinker said, “I have tea four times a day and if I can get it at a late hour as well, they will have won me over.”

With this branch being opened in a residential area, 7-8 regular customers find it convenient to drop in for late night tea everyday. The place also serves coffee and mouth-watering cupcakes and brownies like Oreo brownies, white chocolate and raspberry cupcakes, etc. Lynnda Ros, the store manager, said “We really focus on our tea. However there are two types of people that come here. People in their late 50s come in for tea and people between 18-mid 20s come in for coffee.”

Cupcakes, brownies and pastries on display

Cupcakes at Waterloo Teahouse (Lakeside)

Waterloo is one of the few teahouses that serve tea the authentic way. A customer who orders tea here will not just receive it in a cup but will be served with the teapot, the respective hourglass timer and milk. Once the time is up, the customer can pour it out into the cup and enjoy their tea. It is the perfect place for a tea connoisseur. Waterloo also combines art with their tea culture by allowing local and international artists to exhibit their work in the Teahouses. One of the latest artists who recently launched his name at the Lakeside branch is Adrian Green.

Art displayed on the walls of the Teahouse

Art on the walls of the teahouse

To tackle the competition from other eateries, Lynnda also said that they might get an alcohol license in the future as people are allowed to bring in their own wine but the store does not serve it yet.

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