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Capas delights with unique cheesecakes

David Schönthal experiments with flavours to bring a unique selection of cheesecakes with his future business, Capas

Chocolate, strawberry and pepper cheesecake by (courtesy of Capas)

Capas is a passion project brought to life by David Schönthal who hopes to turn it into an official business next summer.

The future company which is still being established will offer an array of unique cheesecakes with various flavour combinations.

At the moment, David makes them for his friends and family for free but hopes to one day own his own cheesecake café.

David describes himself as a “foodie” who began experimenting with making cheesecakes around two and a half years ago.

After his flatmate made some sweet bread for Easter that they didn’t want to go to waste, David used some of it to form the base of a cheesecake.

“From there it turned into a passion because I realised that cheesecakes lend themselves to a lot of whacky flavour combinations,” David explained, “and you can really combine flavours that work well together.”

As well as combining different flavours, David also turns classic desserts into cheesecakes like this Black Forest creation

David had hoped to launch his business this summer and has begun working on branding.

But on top of being a research associate in the school of English, Communication and Philosophy at Cardiff University and a dance instructor for Rhythm Tap Cardiff, the plans had to be postponed.

“I’m still making cheesecakes, the hygiene plan is being developed, the branding is being developed, but just much slower. So, hopefully, fingers crossed, by next summer it should be up and running,” David said.

Capas has been gaining an ever-growing fanbase on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram thanks to David’s artistic presentation and unusual flavour combinations.

 Cath Smith enjoyed the raspberry and marzipan cheesecake

All of Capas’ cheesecakes are set in the fridge rather than baked which is what gives them their fresh, intense flavour.

“If you bake things sometimes fruity flavours are diminished or other flavours just breakdown,” David explained, “whereas if you just put it in the fridge, you’ve still got the same intensity of flavours.”

David believes that even those who would not usually choose the dessert will enjoy his creations because they’re so different.

When a new flavour comes to mind, David says he can’t stop himself from making it as he loves their versatility.

The passionate foodie makes cheesecakes twice a week and has created 80-90 recipes since he started making the classic dessert.

“You just get to put a smile on loads of people’s faces and that’s what I love doing,” David said.

You can feast your eyes on more of David’s creations on Capas’ Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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