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Desserts get red hot preparation

Cardiff hosts Red Hot World Buffet’s first live
dessert station

Red Hot World Buffet dessert station

The view from behind the live dessert station (photos: MB)

Live cooking is becoming commonplace in modern buffets but one Cardiff all-you-can-eat is now boasting the city’s first live dessert preparation.

Cardiff’s Red Hot World Buffet opened on 26 October and features the brand’s first live dessert station, plus main courses from nine world regions.

Belgian waffles and American pancakes are cooked to order, while the other 18 desserts, including 12 ice cream flavours, are prepared in an open-view kitchen.

Head pastry chef Darshcan Choudhari said RHWB customers often asked whether desserts were homemade and freshly prepared, so the company set out to address these queries.

“Here, in Cardiff, we tried to introduce something which had never been done before: a live pastry,” says Darschan. “We thought ‘let’s show people how we prepare it’.”

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