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Turmeric: the spice of life?

The BBC have released a report supporting previous claims saying turmeric has health beneficial properties – local sellers believe they’re “late to the party”.

An apparent craze for the colourful spice following these reports has been noticed by local sellers in Cardiff.

Cei Smith, 34, who works at vegan and spice specialist, Clancy’s, located in Cardiff Market, says that the growing popularity of turmeric stems from recent reporting in the mainstream press.

“Obviously, working here, we realised that already. I’d certainly say that the BBC are late to the party; Indians have been using turmeric for hundreds of years for its health properties,” he said.

Returning customers praise turmeric for its health properties

Returning customers praise turmeric for its health properties

Traditionally, turmeric is associated with Indian cuisine. Once crushed, the ginger-like root becomes an orangey yellow powder, which is most commonly found in favoured dishes such as tikka masala.

“People in the West have taken a liking to it, and it’s become popular and quite trendy,” says Cei, “we get all kinds of people trying it.”

Turmeric is known to have anti-inflammatories, anti-cancer and anti-depression qualities, which is why people are beginning to use it for animals, too.

The special spice isn’t restricted to human consumption. Cei explains that people come in to give it to their horses, to their dogs and other pets.

Another local seller who believes the BBC are playing “catch up” on reporting the benefits of turmeric is nutritionist and manageress of Beanfreaks, Victoria Perks, 45.

Victoria says that the sales and interest of turmeric has spiked after being highlighted by the BBC.

“We’ve got everything from turmeric tea, turmeric capsules and curcumin – which is the active component of turmeric,” she said. “We are also in the process of introducing turmeric lattes for the winter months, and also adding turmeric into juices for our juice bar.”


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