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Voxpop: Changing your diet for the planet

Researchers from ScienceMag have proven that consuming meat and dairy products is harmful to the planet as it contributes to intensive farming

Environmental issues are ever more present in our day to day lives. People are already trying to cut down on their plastic consumption and electric cars have become the norm in some countries such as Holland.

But changing our diet can seem more difficult, especially for those who feel discouraged when confronted to the grand scale of our planetary issues.

With environmental catastrophe looming, would you be ready to take the plunge and cut out meat and dairy?

Paul Jones, 44, car dealer, Porthcawl



“My ex-partner was a vegetarian, so I don’t eat a lot of meat or dairy anyway but I think it’s a good thing that needs to be done. I wouldn’t have a problem cutting these products out of my diet completely.” 


Lynn Woodhouse, 66, biomedical scientist, Pembrokeshire



“Not completely. I think it’s not too good for your body. You need variety in your diet. But having said that, we are already eating less meat and dairy products than we used to. I don’t think we should cut everything out but instead reduce our consumption of meat and dairy.”


Daniel Michael, 35, volunteer at Cardiff Council, Egypt



“I would be able to. It’s true that I sometimes do eat meat because I am a bodybuilder. Although sometimes, just before competitions, I cut out all these things in my diet to prepare, especially cheese and milk. The only meat I have in competition is chicken for example. So I’m nearly there already.”


Janice Wilde, 56, retired tutor, Cardiff



“No. I would find that very difficult. Both for meat and dairy. But then again, if I were alone I think I would be able to cut both these things out completely. The thing is, I cook for a family and I don’t want to impose anything on their diets.”


Julianne Volpi, 54, health club manager, Cardiff



“I have considering doing this for a while now. A lot of my friends have already gone completely vegan but it seems like a lot of hard work. More thought goes into cooking dishes without these products. But these questions have been troubling for a good 12 months. It’s just that I have children, I work full-time, it’s gets difficult to make these changes.” 


Lloyd Gorman, 25, jobseeker, Cardiff



“I wouldn’t have a problem cutting dairy or meat out of my diet. There are many substitute out there. I think it’s all about the taste and satisfying those cravings. The only problem about this is that these substitutes cost money, it’s a real catch-22 situation. The cost is what is stopping people most of the time, that and the way we as a society have been brought up on meat and diary.”

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