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Cafe Jazz to host ‘Chop Idols’


Move over Simon Cowell. Cafe Jazz is set to host its own talent showcase on Wednesday 26 November, where local jazz artists will be performing setlists inspired by some of the great trumpet players of the genre.


A band fills the stage at Cafe Jazz. Photo by Derek Lewis.

“We’ll definitely be doing something by Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Clifford, all the greats” said Ceri Williams, one of those performing next week. “It’s just two trumpets, piano, bass and drums, so we’ll be doing a few duets too. It’s set to be a good night.”


The cafe is set up for the night’s entertainment.

Why Chop Idols? “It’s very à la mode, it’s very current with all the talent shows” Williams said. “And your ‘chops’ are your playing, your jazz skills that originated from getting your chops round a trumpet.”

Local jazz musicians Greg Evans, Richard West and Donnie Joe Sweeney will be joining Williams and his “sparring partner” Gethin Liddington. The price on the door will be £4 to enter.

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