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Ffotogallery exhibits Croatian artist

 A collection of powerful artworks exploring propaganda, mass media and representations of women is currently being exhibited in Penarth.

Interesting Captions: Iveković contrasts glamourous images with hardhitting text

Compelling caption: Iveković contrasts images with hardhitting text

Croatian artist Sanja Iveković has never been one to shirk difficult subjects. She uses stark contrasts of public and private to create deeply personal, political images to trouble and challenge. One of her pieces, Women’s House (Sunglasses), juxtaposes images of famous models with text detailing real stories of domestic abuse.

It’s one of four seminal works currently on display at Ffotogallery’s Turner House and Penarth Pier as part of Artes Mundi.

Karen MacKinnon, director and curator of Artes Mundi, says, “Sanja’s work is extremely empowering in a world in which we often feel bewildered. It is challenging, powerful and consistently relevant to contemporary society.”

The exhibition runs until 21 February.

Photos and video by Tom Carter

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