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Voxpop: Recycling throwaway coffee cups

Coffee chains need to do more to encourage the recycling of disposable cups

BBC Researcher Karen Saunders on what coffee chains should do to encourage recycling

Coffee chains should do more to encourage customers to recycle, according to a Which? campaign, published in the Guardian.

The campaign looked at how companies could do more to stop people throwing away disposable cups.

Starbucks hope that all their cups will be recyclable by 2015.  Sarah Dunne, from the Press Office, says,

“Our customers are actively encouraged to help us in reducing our use of paper cups by requesting their drinks in their own mugs or travel tumblers, saving 25p on the price of their drink.”

Currently 60% of Caffe Nero’s waste is recycled or recovered and everything they produce is made from recycled material. Ceri Aiken, Communications Manager, says “We try to do this wherever we can if it doesn’t compromise on quality.”

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