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Second Chance Clothing Vox Pop

PreFab clothing is redesigning the way for charity shops in more ways than one


Shopping in charity shops is often associated with students and the elderly, but one group is trying to change all that. Set up by Cardiff YMCA Housing Association, the shop PreFab was created in an attempt to reduce the amount of old clothes sent to landfill.

Project manager Sian Rogers says the idea for PreFab came from a desire to ‘do something different with recycling and textiles and to appear less like a jumble sale’. So, inspired by charity shop rejuvenator Mary Portas, PreFab has a chic and retro feel.

PreFab is different to other charity shops as it takes in old clothes and redesigns them rather than just sell them on. It also gives everyone the opportunity to get involved by running workshops, with a Halloween workshop due to take place this weekend.


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