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Give cycling a try on Go For a Ride Day

November 22 is Go for a Ride Day, which encourages people to take any mode of transport they wish and get out on the road. The idea is to leave all your daily stresses behind and immerse yourself in the pleasure of the journey.

You could simply jump in the car, but why not consider cycling instead? Not only will you reap the health benefits of cycling, such as muscle strength and increased cardiovascular fitness, but cycling’s eco-friendly nature means you’d be doing the planet a favour as well.

A person rides a bike through a park

Improve your health and take the eco-friendly option

Sustrans Cymru communications officer Natasha Withey says,”By making changes to the way we travel we can contribute to a cleaner, greener environment whilst improving our own health and wellbeing.”

She points to the 14,000 miles of traffic-free and quiet road routes that Wales has and suggests they would be good for commuting to work, visits to sites of cultural interest or an adventure to somewhere new. “Go for a ride day is a great incentive to take to two wheels and visit the National Cycle Network,” Natasha adds.

In Cardiff, you don’t need to have your own bike or be a skilled rider, either. Welsh charity Pedal Power helps anyone who wants to ride, regardless of age or ability, by renting out a range of different cycle types and offering training to teach or improve cycling skills.

Closeup of bicycles chained to a post

Whatever your age or ability, cycling can work for you

Development officer Kevin Rahman-Daultrey says, “We’ve got myriad weird and wonderful-shaped bikes that get anyone with any disability or ability to cycle.” These include everything from handbikes for those who can’t pedal with their feet to standard two-wheelers.

The charity also offers training tailored to a rider’s specific requirements or concerns, so whether you’re starting from zero or already ride but have skills that need improving, they can help. Kevin points out, “The youngest person we’ve trained was two and the oldest was 94.”

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