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DIY Pottery at Christmas Market

One-of-a-kind pottery is on Father Christmas’s Wishlist this holiday season and is a big hit at the Christmas market

Pottery making is a big hit in the Christmas market this season.

All sorts of customers; from families to tourists, come to this one-of-a-kind pottery making shop to gift their loved ones something unique for the holiday season.

The shop is owned by Matthew Jones, who has his own studio in Blackwood. However, this is the only time when people can make their own creations with the clay.


Matthew Jones doing pottery making

Matthew Jones in his stall at the Christmas market

Matthew has been making pottery for the last 15 years. He graduated from University of Wales Institute Cardiff  in 2005 in Ceramics, and opened his own studio in 2006. Matthew has been in business by himself, and has recently hired someone new to help him out in the market.

Good deeds

Besides making beautiful works of art, he helps people deal with their own personal battles as they zone out while using the clay.

Matthew Jones says about some of his customers, “I’ve worked with people who have special needs, and I have worked with people who have been unemployed long term. This is like a confidence building exercise for them.” 

Get creative

The make-your-own-pottery shop is open at the Christmas Market, from 10am-6pm. It is a quick and simple procedure, with a machine that the customer has to press a pedal to operate. They sit and get comfortable, while playing with the clay. Matthew assists the customer, though it is all up to the customer to create whatever their heart’s desire. It is on the side of the stall, so anyone walking around in the Christmas Market can stand and watch someone make their own pottery.

It cost £5 to make the pottery, or someone can buy their own pottery and paint pottery, varying in prices from £5 to £8. People can also buy Matthew pottery in the shop as well.

For more information on Matthew or to order some of his work, check out his website

Check out to see what else the Christmas market has to offer for Cardiff.

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