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Crafts in Cardiff Christmas Market

The artworks and crafts in Cardiff Christmas Market in the city centre is a very diverse mix. Have you checked them out yet this year? 

The arts and crafts stalls of the Cardiff Christmas Market this year reflect diversity in every sense of the word.

From the genre and type of crafts to the nationality of the artisans, the Christmas market at the city centre has an eclectic mix.

Beads, glasswork, wirework, paintings, candles, and lamps are some of the types of crafts which now adorn the stalls.

It is the third year in a row for artist Jeremy Thomas attending the Christmas market.

He usually sells his works online and through galleries.

The works of Jeremy Thomas are heavily influenced by children’s books and fairy tales

“Having a stall in this market provides me the opportunity to display my works to a wider range of people,” he said. “Usually, galleries have a certain segment of audience. But here, you have people from different walks of life coming in and seeing the artworks.”

He said that it is good advertising for him in a way.

Meanwhile, Annie from the brand Jalimali said that footfall is the main reason for her to participate in the market.

The brand has been participating in the event since 2005.

Jalimali offers a variety of handmade products made by women in Nepal.

Jalimali’s wide array of products include stuffed toys and bags

Mexichim is another stall which offers crafts from a number of countries, such as Mexico and India.

Mexichim has a wide array of handmade products perfect as Christmas gifts

Rhys Davies, the owner of Mexichim said, “The market has massively expanded over the years.”

Whilst Jalimali has a shop (in Pembrokeshire), Mexichim sells online and through events.

Meanwhile, the Black Friday week last month had mixed feelings from the stall owners.

You would instinctively think that it was good for the stalls, but the opposite happened for many of them.

“People that week were more focused on the big brands in the high street,” Annie said.

However, as Christmas is drawing near, the crafts stalls are hoping for greater sales.

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