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Voxpop: Should Evans get another chance?

Questions remain over footballer Ched Evans’s future, following his release from prison after serving half of a five-year sentence. 

The Welsh international was jailed for the rape of a 19-year-old woman deemed too drunk to consent.

Ched appearing for Sheffield United in 2010 [Credit: Jon Candy]

Ched appearing for Sheffield United against Cardiff City in 2010 [Credit: Jon Candy]

Suggestions that Evans may return to his former club have sparked fierce debate. A petition urging Sheffield United not to reinstate the player has now gathered over 150,000 signatures. The club are yet to make a decision.

Evans has fuelled further controversy in maintaining his innocence. In a video statement, the player refers to the incident as “consensual in nature”.

Should Evans be given a second chance and allowed to return to his club? We went out onto the streets of Cardiff to find out how the public feel. 

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