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Voxpop: Welsh rugby remains winner at heart

The Welsh rugby team may not have won the World Cup, but their performance certainly won the hearts of their fans – so much Cardiff City Council is organising a homecoming event to reunite the fans with their favourite players.

Welsh fans are still proud of their boys. (photo by Gwendolyn Duenner)

Although Wales lost against France in the semi-finals and subsequently failed to make third place against Australia, they have shown great accomplishment; this is the first time since 1987 they made it to the World Cup semi-finals.

 Welsh fans seem to agree: ticket sales show the crowd watching at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff was bigger than that at the stadium at Eden Park, New Zealand.

 This is why Cardiff City Council leader Rodney Berman is currently planning a homecoming event with the WRU and the Welsh government events team, he announced on twitter on 15 October.

 A government spokesperson told BBC news: “We are currently considering the most appropriate way to recognise the great achievement of the Welsh rugby team at the World Cup.”


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