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Chwarae Teg goes big for 25th birthday

Chwarae Teg is celebrating their 25th birthday, and everyone in Cardiff is invited to their 25th birthday celebration

Chwarae Teg is an organisation that is striving to have “a Wales where women achieve and prosper”, and they are having an event that encourages just that.

flyer of the event outside of the venue

The Chwarae Teg celebration is at Tramshed Cardiff, where workshops, activities, guest speakers, and performances will take place.

Funded by the Big Lottery, the Chwarae Teg celebration will start off with having 100 school children from Filtzan High & Christi High School, who will be doing workshops with various companies from Cardiff. Such companies are: The Construction Industry Training Board who will give a session on  virtual wielding, techno camps that will be doing coding sessions, as well as Full Circle that is concentrating on specific workshops about girls feeling empowered. Cardiff City Sports will also provide workshops for the general public.

Later on in the afternoon, the National Assembly of Wales will also be in attendance to talk about how and why women should have their voice heard and how they can impact their communities.

Some of the highlights of the impactful event are the speakers and performers who will add to the memorable 25th anniversary celebration.

Speakers like Hanin Abou Salem, who is the women’s officer at Cardiff University, and Professor Meena Upadhyaya, who teaches at Cardiff University will talk about their positions in the workforce currently. With Hanin being a student at Cardiff University and Professor Meena teaching at the university, it gives a variety to the guests of the event to see different women in different aspects of the workforce.

Louis Button, the Collaboration Partner at Chwarae Teg says about Chwarae Teg having a variety of women at different stages of their careers coming to speak,  “ [Is to] Inspire the next generation in entrepreneurship. It’s really about seeing how different women in different stages in their careers have gotten there. You can’t be what you can’t see, which is why we are bringing these role models to the forefront.”

Celebrating women prospering in the work place

There will also have performers like Rebecca Hurin, who is a singer and a songwriter, and the India dance Wales to do a performance.

Chwarae Teg’s event is today, and goes on until 5pm on Clare Road, CF11 6QP Cardiff. 

Check out more information on how Chwarae Teg is breaking barriers in the workforce for women’s rights.

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