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Young entrepreneurs cut through the noise

In the densely populated field of digital marketing, two recent graduates are standing out from the crowd.

Clear Cut Marketing Solutions, a digital marketing consultancy firm created and based in Neath and run by directors Rhodri Pearce and Tom Evans appears to have found a captive audience.

Born and raised in Neath, Evans and Pearce noticed the sheer volume of traditional businesses with very little social media or online presence and sensed an opportunity to provide a service they see as essential for growing businesses.

When starting out just over a year ago, it was difficult for the company to gain a foothold, not only due to the scepticism of traditional business owners of social media as a viable marketing source, but of the two young directors themselves.

The greatest challenge was convincing business owners to place their company’s marketing strategy in the hands of two young men just out of university. As Rhodri says: “We’ve definitely come across our fair share of business owners who dismiss social media as a legitimate marketing channel, but I’d say the biggest issue we faced early on was convincing owners of our own credibility and our ability to deliver on what we’d promised.”

Despite the initial difficulty, the company has now kicked on and used their success in Neath to branch out further afield, working with different companies all over South Wales, from surveyors to osteopaths.

Jonathan Hill, a client of the firm, said: “Clear Cut Marketing Solutions have provided invaluable support and advice for us at Hi Coffee UK. They have been integral co-ordinating and structuring our online marketing.”

The company’s focus on social media rather than web design has allowed their business plan to streamline and to accommodate more clients, further adding to their growth.

Clear Cut is constantly evolving and growing to meet the demands of the sector and its directors are optimistic this growth won’t be slowing any time soon.

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