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Item-swapping app to launch new website

Rich Woolley, CEO and founder of Paperclip.

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Rich Woolley, CEO and founder of Paperclip.

Rich Woolley, CEO and founder of Paperclip. Photo: Paperclip.

Paperclip is due to launch a web version of their item-swapping app, according to the founder and CEO. The secondhand marketplace is currently planning to launch a web version on paperclip.co on 13 November.

The free app, launched in July 2016, is a marketplace that allows users to buy, sell and swap items with other users in the local area. Paperclip sets itself apart from competitors such as gumtree by operating on a barter system. No prices are listed, and buyers are encouraged to offer whatever they think the item is worth – With the possibility to haggle for a better price.

The app is the first marketplace to entirely remove all prices from its items. Paperclip CEO Rich Woolley explained the philosophy behind this decision, “We really want to encourage bartering” he said, “When you put a price tag, everyone just thinks ‘Money’, straight away. So you don’t think about swapping, you don’t think about the other stuff you could do”

The Paperclip team

The Paperclip team. Photo: Paperclip.

Woolley sees the Paperclip groups as his app’s unique selling point. Paperclip groups allow users to create their own private marketplace to trade amongst friends. A wide variety of groups have been created, from trading between car enthusiasts to groups focused on Korean pop memorabilia. “I’m a big fan of groups” says Woolley, “I think they could be a bit of a disruptive force in the future if we play it right”.

The business, founded by former university housemates Rich Woolley and Alan Small has seen a growth of 450% this year, and will expand their staff from three to 14 by the end of the year. The app itself has seen growth as well, with almost 200,000 downloads across Apple and Android platforms, and around 75,000 unique items added to the marketplace.

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