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Film production on the rise in Wales

a picture of Cardiff bay at dusk

Wales is taking a starring role in cinema with film production on the rise in some of the country’s most historic locations

a picture of Cardiff bay at dusk

Cardiff Bay has been home to many productions including Doctor Who and Torchwood

Film and television production in Wales is on the rise thanks to support from Wales Screen a new interview has found.

Productions like the television show A Discovery of Witches from the newly formed Welsh company Bad Wolf Productions are driving the country’s profile as a filming location within the industry.

Shows like Doctor Who and Sherlock have filmed in the country for over a decade but now the country’s history, production facilities and crew are making it a more attractive prospect to productions.

Blockbusters Transformers: The Last Knight and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword are among the latest films to use Wales as a major filming location for their productions.

King Arthur in a medieval landscape production

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword was filmed with the aid of Wales Screen

Wales Screen’s Penny Skuse noted in a discussion with alt.Cardiff that aside from financial support, Wales Screen also provides assistance in finding locations as well as helping to source local crews, production facilities and accommodation.

In the case of the blockbuster Transformers: The Last Knight, which grossed in excess of £600m at the global box-office, Skuse detailed that Wales Screen assisted in providing locations and contacts for the production.

When discussing the benefits these productions bring to Wales Skuse said; “mostly there is the economic impact as productions the Welsh Government have invested in have brought millions into the Welsh economy over the past few years.

“There’s also the impact on local freelance crew and facility company’s as by encouraging a healthy pipeline of productions to base themselves in Wales, it ensures that the skills base continues to grow keeping freelancers in Wales rather than moving away to London or other cities to find work.”

Production’s in the country continues to grow with films like Netflix’s Apostle directed by native Gareth Evans having just completed shooting near Bridgend.

Bad Wolf Productions television show A Discovery of Witches, is currently shooting in South Wales and is set to premiere on Sky One in 2018.

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