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Audiences play their part at Chapter

Chapter hosts performance where collaboration is key

PME-ART’s performances innovatively meld music and theatre (photo: David Jacques)

Traditionally, it is the audience who are expected to sit back and watch, while the performers dictate the action onstage.

However, theatregoers at Chapter Arts Centre are set to find their position as spectators redefined as Canadian art collective PME-ART’s Hospitality 3: Individualism was a Mistake breaks down the barriers between performer and audience.

Upon entering the theatre, audiences are asked to write down answers to a series of provocative questions, which are then answered through various artistic approaches, from storytelling to live musical performances.

This is PME-ART’s fourth performance at Chapter since 2000, with Chapter Theatre Programmer James Tyson adding, “we’ve seen the company develop their work in these past 10 years so it’s good to have been part of that journey with them.”

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