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Church hosts music festival


A group of local performers are holding a candlelit event in an unusual setting. Rumney Folk Club hosts its monthly music festival beneath the beams of St Augustine’s Church hall. The event, which features a host of local performers, is run by a community of volunteers dedicated to the celebration of folk music.

A wide range of musicians perform at the licensed event, from well-known locals to beginners. Local talent Ellie James says that this is part of the festival’s charm. She said, “Local people come together so it’s a kind of musical community. You get to know other musicians in the area.”

 The up-and-coming club has also captured the attentions of established celebrities, as singer-songwriter Laura Marling made a surprise appearance while on tour. 

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMly5KleaAk [/youtube]


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