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Festive music fills the streets

This Christmas, buskers are filling Cardiff with the sound of festive music

Buskers in Cardiff entertain the Christmas shoppers

From Queen Street to The Hayes, the streets of Cardiff are alive with the sound of music.

Talking with Cardiff’s buskers by Alt Cardiff

In response to the increase in buskers during the festive period, Cardiff Council has issued a Buskers Code of Practice to give street entertainers tips on how to perform effectively and safely.

Deputy Leader of Cardiff Council, Councillor Judith Woodman, says that while the code is voluntary, they would encourage people to take part. She says, “The code was written to prevent busking from becoming intrusive and an annoyance to people, as well as to prevent an obstruction of the highway.”

However, the council says they love having good quality street entertainers in the city. Councillor Woodman says, “The public enjoy them, they add vibrancy and can help generate a wonderful atmosphere.”


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