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Have an alternative Christmas

Fed up with Christmas? Check out some non-festive cultural events


Starbucks have been selling their festive drinks since mid-November, the Coca Cola advert has been gracing our screens for the last month and the shops have been selling advent calendars since the end of summer.

While it’s all very well and good getting into the festive spirit, the season of good joy and all that, it seems Christmas is becoming more and more saturated every year. By the time 25 December rolls round even the most enthusiastic among us are all partied out, exhausted from all the Christmas shopping and generally fed up.

Tommy O”Rourke, manager of Rainbow Glass Creations in Cardiff Christmas Market said, “Every shop you go into is trying to sell you Christmas, instead of it just being Christmas.

“It’s commercialism at its worst.”

Why not save the festivities for actual Christmas and spend your valuable time in the run up to the day participating in a few of the non-festive cultural events going on.

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