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Making Welsh history less boring

Phil Carradice presents Welsh history without the boring bits

Phil Carradice presents a series of short 'snapshots' of Welsh history in his latest book

Phil Carradice's latest book contains a series of short snapshots of Welsh history

Phil Carradice will appear at Windsor Bookshop to discuss his recently published book Snapshots of Welsh History, which aims to make history less boring.

On Thursday November 17 at 18:30, Carradice will appear at the Penarth bookshop to read from his book and answer questions.

Snapshots aims to tell the history of Wales in an engaging, imaginative manner. Carradice, a historian who calls himself a storyteller, explains that he has created a book of short stories that appeal to those otherwise unengaged by history.

Carradice believes that Welsh history is often presented as boring, and laments that, “Many Welsh people do not know the history of their own country.” He says, “I hope that Snapshots will appeal to anyone who likes a good story.”

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