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Comedy club to host interactive show

The Mermaid Quay based comedy club, The Glee Club, are due to present an interactive comedy night this month.

Called The Comedy Carousel, the next event will be on Thursday 26 November.

The show will include performances from Cardiff based comedians Clint Edwards and Dan Thomas.

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The Glee Club will be hosting an interactive comedy show

The show will also feature strong elements of audience involvement.

These will include interactive games and live Googling by the comedians’ assistants to dig up some comedy gold.

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Welsh comedians Clint Edwards and Dan Thomas will be performing at The Glee Club

This audience participation will enable the comedian to tailor the show to the audience, creating a completely unique experience.

Emily Lewis, who works at The Glee Club box office says, “The event has sold quite a lot of tickets so far. I think it is so popular as it’s different from other comedy shows out there.”

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