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Welsh and English united in music

Ffa-la-la community music classes aim to teach children Welsh and English in a calming environment. Carys John who founded the initiative saw the importance of music, movement and bilingualism during childhood.


Ffa-la-la will indirectly aid the council by aiming to build a bilingual generation. Founded in 2013, the classes have gone from strength to strength and are now taking place at various locations across the city.

Lisa Fflur, one of Ffa-la-la’s music teachers, emphasised the importance of accompanying language learning with music. Lisa gives instructions to the children and parents bilingually, which the children are then expected to imitate. Songs are then played in to the class in Welsh.


Carys busy teaching children – Image courtesy of Ffa-la-la

Lisa says, “Parents are keen for their children to learn Welsh, as being bilingual is becoming increasingly important.” Parents want their children to be aware of the Welsh language before they enter the school system in order to aid future career prospects.

Opportunities can arise in interesting ways, Elena Cresci, 27 a Social Media Editor and Cardiff University graduate, believes that knowing Welsh has aided her career substantially. Elena acknowledges that “Speaking Welsh meant that I got to do a Welsh live blog of a Euros game. I’m no sports reporter, but it put me on the editor’s radar like nothing else.”

This ethos is in keeping with Cardiff City Council’s bilingual strategy. In September 2016, a new five-year plan was launched with the intention of establishing a bilingual capital. The scheme aims to project positivity towards bilingual citizens.

In the council’s latest census, the number of Welsh speakers has more than doubled in the last 25 years. Including, over 16% of Cardiff’s population who have declared that they have at least one or more skill in the Welsh Language.


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