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Cardiff named junk food capital of the UK

Cardiff residents broke the scales on their fast food spending habits

Many Cardiff residents will recognise the sight of junk food central Chippy Lane.

Cardiff has been named the junk food capital of the UK, with residents spending more money on fast food and takeaways than any other British city.


A study from VoucherCodes found that out of 1,500 Cardiff residents, they spent on average £1,041 a year on junk food.


Anita Naik is the Consumer Editor at VoucherCodes. Speaking to ITV she said that, “the spending map shows that we are a nation that likes to treat ourselves. However, what classifies as a ‘treat’ is very dependent on where you live.”


And it looks like for those in Cardiff, a treat definitely qualifies as a trip to Chippy Lane or a splurge on Deliveroo.


There is hope for the citizens of Cardiff looking to fight the flab, however. The survey also found that Cardiff residents were also the biggest spenders on health and fitness.


Stuart Robson, 24, is a dedicated gym-goer and a health and fitness coach from Bridgend. Speaking to Alt.Cardiff, Stuart lamented the result of the poll, but said it doesn’t surprise him in the least.

Alt.Cardiff regrettably had to do some serious investigative journalism about Cardiff’s takeaways…


“We’re living in a time where everything you want you can get instantly,” he said, “why bother with the effort of making a healthy meal when you can just order food online? Cardiff’s especially bad just due to the sheer volume of takeaways and places to eat, there’s so much choice so people never think about making their own food. To most people I know, making food – good, healthy food – is a chore that they can’t be bothered with after a long day.”

Stuart says the best way to combat our bad eating habits is to make the change at home.

“Get yourself in a routine. Start buying salads and fresh chicken and vegetables. Make it a habit to prepare meals the night or even the weekend before and you’ll soon see the difference.”

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