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A white Christmas with White Rabbit

White Rabbit Magazine has launched, telling the stories of secondhand objects. Could a present with a story be best for you this Christmas?

White Rabbit, Flea Market, Teacups

Flea markets are an amazing jumble of all sorts of items

As we draw closer to Christmas the pressure is on to get the perfect gift for our friends and loved ones. One alternative to the traditional highstreet shop is the flea market.

White Rabbit magazine focuses on the amazing things you can find secondhand in flea markets, car boots and charity shops.

Secondhand traders offer the opportunity to buy something truly special and at a cheaper price than more traditional retailers. In the US, one shopper even found a rare photo of the outlaw Billy the Kidd for $10. This turned out to potentially be worth millions.

Visiting Cardiff Indoor Flea Market from London, Harriet Goodwin purchased an Edwardian musical cigarette box for her grandmother for £10.

Harriet said, “There were a lot of one of a kind items in the flea market. I decided to buy the box because it felt like it had a history and was unlike anything I’d seen before. It’s nice to pick up interesting things like a musical cigarette box and feel like no one else has anything like it. It was difficult not to buy more.”  

Harriet believes her grandmother will like the musical box best out of all her presents because it is so unusual and special.

White Rabbit, Flea Market

You never know what you will find in a Flea Market

Flea markets can be a thrifty alternative for present buying, with the opportunity to haggle.

In an interview with White Rabbit, Jewellry store owner Patsy Cochrin gave this advice, “Don’t watch antiques roadshow. People are picking up on how much they get the price dropped (on the show) and people come in here and forget we are making a living.”

White Rabbit’s Thrift Etiquette piece will tell you how to haggle without antagonising stallholders this Christmas.

So don’t only turn to the flea markets for the christmas shop this year but also let White Rabbit guide you.  

White Rabbit Magazine first edition:


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