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Filipino culture dances into Wales

Lahing Kayumanggi are performing a Filipino cultural dance show in Cardiff

LK dancers perform a rural inspired dance (All photographs are the property of the LK Dance Company)

Lahing Kayumanggi Dance Company (LK) is coming to Cardiff on 19th November to spread knowledge of the Philippines’s native practices in song and dance.

The LK, performing as part of the Filipino Cultural Show, will dance at Motor Point Arena, portraying the Philippines’s diverse traditions and the cultures it is influenced by.

It was set up by volunteers seventeen years ago as a way of keeping in touch with Filipino traditions and practices.

The authenticity of the company is seen through their colourful costumes and energetic dances that have been performed across various venues in the UK.

Henrik Bodilsen, the LK’s secretary, says, “We think of the Philippines as one nation but they are a vast ethnic group, a melting pot of many different cultures.”

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