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Philharmonic to celebrate Star Wars

The Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra is celebrating the anticipated release of the latest Star Wars film in their upcoming concert.

A Night at the Movies will be at the St. David’s Hall on Friday 4 December.

Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra, Cardiff, Star Wars

The concert will be conducted by Michael Bell who formed the Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra in 1982. Photo credit: Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra

The orchestra will be performing selected pieces from the original Star Wars trilogy in honour of its composer, John Williams.

Member of the Philharmonic Orchestra, Mark Smith said that fans of the trilogy should come expecting many Star Wars related jokes and stories.

When asked about performing the pieces, Mr Smith said, “The most difficult piece is probably Cantina Band. It’s a real challenge for the woodwind and brass soloists.”

“But I enjoy playing the whole programme”, he added. “An hour of Star Wars really lets you get into the music”.


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