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Read aloud at the museum

Readers from Cardiff gather together for a reading aloud event

Participators gather around the museum foyer for the Bookins event (photo by Leona Jones)

Avid readers who wish to take part in a reading aloud event are encouraged to bring along a book to the National Museum, Cardiff this November.

The Bookins event which is happening on 5 November, is a chance to create a visual and aural interactive experience, where participators will be able to read aloud together, for half an hour.

Organiser Leona Jones started the event in May 2010, outside Cardiff Central Library, to create a contrast to the quiet atmosphere inside.

Leona says that she chose the museum this time for its important collection of travel writings.

She said, “Using books from the museum library collection as a focus is allowing books usually kept behind closed doors to be seen by the public.”

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