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Drinking vox pop: is Cardiff that bad?

South Wales residents share their views on Cardiff’s drinking culture

Solicitor Richard Greig gives his views at Cardiff Central Station

A number of tabloid newspapers, including The Daily Mail and The Sun, have recently published unflattering photographs of Carnage, one of the most notorious nights in the city’s drinking calendar.

The images were taken on St Mary Street, depicting drinkers with an inability to stand, some suffering various stages of nausea and one urinating in a rubbish-bin.

These pictures follow the Cardiff After Dark collection of photographs taken by Maciej Dakowicz between 2005 and 2011, which also found notoriety within the tabloid press at the end of September 2011.

In terms of modern-day drinking culture, the spotlight has been firmly positioned on Cardiff. However, whether this portrayal of the city as the UK’s drinking hotspot is justified is a question best put to its locals.

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