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Dragon Pro needs more female wrestlers

Local wrestling academy would like more women in their main event slots

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Head trainer Michael Hitchman discusses working in the professional wrestling industry after a tough training session

Dragon Pro Wrestling needs more female wrestlers despite the continuing rise in popularity of women in the industry.

Professional wrestling academy Dragon Pro Wrestling produces the next wave of British wrestling prospects and aims to develop and showcase wrestling talent from local areas. However, they are struggling to recruit women in sufficient numbers. 

Michael Hitchman, head trainer at Dragon Pro, said: “With the women, we tend to have an influx now and again. The last big influx we had was when Ronda Rousey was on top, that’s when a lot of the girls who train with us now first started.”

Next month Dragon Pro will host their live event Ultraviolet where WWE Mae Young Classic competitor Viper will take on Sierra Loxton and Sofia Ari in a women’s number one contenders match.

Michael went on to say that the reason they haven’t had a women’s main event in the past is because their events are very trainee heavy, and because they don’t have a lot of women, they haven’t had enough experience to be in that main event slot.

“Never say never,” Michael noted, “I’d be up for it, I’m not against it, it’s just having the girls that are good enough to be able to pull that off.

“Women have it really hard in wrestling. But what they can do is find their own way of doing it. They can put in the work to get to the level that is their own level, a whole new level so they’re not in comparison with men, they’re not in comparison with anyone. I think that’s the way women need to be approaching it. But when they do, they stand out, like Viper and Kay Lee Ray, who in my opinion are two of the best in the country,” Michael concluded.

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