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Intimate gig hosted in secret location

Sofar Sounds are organising a gig in Cardiff for those who want to go to more intimate, relaxed music events with emerging local artists

A Sofar gig. Image Credit: Sofar Sounds

A Sofar gig. Image Credit: Sofar Sounds

A secret gig is being held for a select audience in Cardiff. Attendees will apply for tickets and will be told the location should they be successful.

The event will be held by Sofar Sounds on 6 November, who run many events like it across the world.

Each event transforms an everyday space. The performances could be held in offices, living rooms or shops.

The company was set up by Rafe Offer who was frustrated by the distractions at live events, such as people being on their phones or talking over the performance.

“This was becoming the new norm at concerts they attended and they knew that going to events could be a better experience,” said a Sofar spokesperson.

Zander Sharp has performed at five Sofar shows in three cities: London, Oxford and Bristol.

He enjoys playing at the intimate gigs. He said: “It’s great that everyone is listening so intently. It makes for a very personal gig.

He said that he first contacted Sofar Sounds when he was 16 and hounded Rafe, the founder, until he was booked in to play.

He added: “People come to listen and respect you as an artist much more than most gigs.”

It is imperative that attendees commit themselves to the gigs.

Sofar ask that everyone arrives on time and stays until the end.

Audience members must apply to attend a Sofar gig, then their names are put into a draw to be selected by the local Sofar teams.

Zander wants to remind attendees: “Don’t be that person who forgets to put their phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’. Even the vibration from ‘silent’ is enough to cause irreversible public shame.”

He also said that you should keep an open mind and follow up the artists you enjoyed on social media or Spotify.

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