Journalism: Some current trends, innovations and unanswered questions

Posted by: Damian Radcliffe

As the start of a new academic year is upon us – and memories of heatwaves, BBQs and long summer evenings slowly begin to recede into the dim and distant past – I thought it might be useful to share this primer on some of the biggest questions facing our industry today.

The slides below offer a crash-course into issues such as changes in consumption and advertising, as well as innovations in content creation, consumption and distribution.

What they show is that our sector is alive and well; but that it is also evolving and changing. Fast.

As a result, I also pose some questions about whether our concepts of journalism need to evolve and offer some suggestions of how the sector might seek to move forward.

From my perspective we have to move out of traditional silos – a sentiment which I apply to both the teaching of journalism and communication, as well as its practice – and there are some great examples of where this is happening.  I’ve included a snapshot of them in this deck, but feel free to tweet me (@damianradcliffe) if you’ve spotted great examples that I have missed.