Journalism Surgery 2013

Оформить займ можно круглосуточно, в выходные и праздники. Выбирайте удобный способ получения микрозайма.
Our Journalism Surgery between 2:00PM and 4:00PM on May 16 provided advice and top tips for our new and potential students thinking about how they should get into Journalism. Here is some advice and comments from our Journalism Lecturers and Tutors.

Emma Gilliam’s Top Tips (Broadcast Journalism)

Journalism’s a great career… if you’re curious, nosey and like asking questions.
Come and chat to us about why you want to be a journalist – we like talking to people who watch, listen and read news, news, news!
Cardiff’s a great city… it’s a capital city, we’ve got access to government ministers, leading sports people and the world of arts and culture.

Jane Bentley’s Top Tips (Magazine Journalism)

Our post grad journalism courses are like undertaking a year’s worth of work experience where you can build skills, develop networks, get a professional portfolio and access to major media players.
Being an effective journalist today means being creative, accurate, digitally tooled up and ready to specialise.
Magazine publishing is about a lot more than just feature writing, can you create and manage a magazine brand from the ground up?
If interning for free isn’t turning into paid work, get the qualifications you need to enter the right jobs.

Comments from some of our recent Magazine graduates…
“There are many more trade titles than consumer. And many have better prospects and pay, but get overlooked in favour of popular consumer titles. Holding out for a dream job is all very well if you have lots of money, but being open minded can lead to interesting prospects.”

“At my CNN interview, I asked how many applications they received, and they said definitely over 1,000.”

“You have a 1/100 chance if you don’t know anyone in the company. This jumps to 1/6 if you have a connection. So get networking.”