The value of postgraduate Journalism Training

Posted by Prof. Richard Sambrook

A new report by Columbia School of Journalism has outlined the value of postgraduate journalism education.
Columbia School of Journalism has outlined the value of postgraduate journalism education.

A major new report is released today by Columbia School of Journalism in New York outlining the value of postgraduate journalism education. The 25000 word report – which mentions Cardiff and JOMEC favourably – is by three Deans of major US Journalism Schools. It outlines the history of journalism education before considering the pressures on journalism today and making recommendations for best practise. Among the conclusions –

  • Mastering skills, including the ability to gather and process information, to write well, and to convey information quickly through a variety of techniques (very much including digital techniques, especially computer science) and in ways that the general public can understand.
  • Developing high levels of analysis, including statistical and other research-based methods and application of rigorous hypothesis testing to journalistic work.
  • Gaining historical knowledge of the importance of professional autonomy, a culture of public service, and the role of journalism education and practice within the university and the larger society.
  • Understanding the theoretical underpinnings of content, content creation, and audience receptivity and reaction.
  • Understanding diversity—of the perspectives of a variety of journalistic subjects and consumers, and of the ways in which journalism can honorably be practiced in different settings.
  • Recognizing the legal ramifications of journalistic work and mastering the rules that govern ethical journalistic practice.
  • Understanding that journalism is in a period of rapid change and envisioning new techniques, ways of communicating, and underlying business models that will sustain journalism.It also recommends that journalism research should be closely aligned with practise – all of which I’m pleased to say we are well  positioned to do here in Cardiff.

The report can be found here.